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Last night, I saw an outstanding live performance.

I've been going to a hell of a lot of gigs at the Zodiac, and I've seen some really solid groups like The Fall, and some truly appalling crimes against humanity, chiefly Resist.

But these four energetic heroes from Tokyo got on stage last night, and literally made the audience love them.

Everyone on stage was just so happy to be there and obviously having the time of their lives, and they just gave energy away for free to everyone who had come to see them.

The act was totally insane and over the top. The lead singer lead the audience through chants of phrases in Japanese, so you literally had three hundred people screaming "OVER THE TOP" in Japanese and throwing their hands violently in the air in sync.

The lyrics came crazy and fast in a mix of English and Japanese and at one point I realised they were actually singing the most twisted and awesome version of 'My Sharona' I've ever heard.

And of course, they crowd surfed.

All of it should have seemed so damned tacky, but the raw enthusiasm just waved over everyone.

And the other awesome thing about them was that after the gig, they went to the bar and just mingled with people for several hours. So I got to talk to them all as well.

At the end of a gig, if I thought the group was exceedingly awesome and actually worth the price of a ticket I will buy their CD. If I think they were absolutely fantastic and I want other people to know about them, I will buy a t-shirt to do my part to pimp them a little.

Last night I bought their CD, I bought a t-shirt, I bought two stickers, and I signed up for their mailing list.

Polysics is a group that you should definitely go out of your way to see live on stage.

I've been to a lot of live gigs, and absolutely no one compares to the intensity and joy that these wonderful people bring.

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